Mafia Wars Armory: Everything you need to know

mafia wars armory has arrived

The Mafia Wars Armory has arrived, as Zynga promised earlier this week. The Armory is a new New York Property that can be upgraded 10 times, can be harvested for cash every 24 hours and, most importantly, can be used to make different types of weapons.

mafia wars armorymafia wars armory

Like the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot, you will need to collect building materials -- either by purchasing them for Reward Points or asking mafia members to send them to you via a Facebook Wall post (and in their Player Updates). NOTE: These parts will not drop as loot when robbing, fighting or doing jobs.

To upgrade your armory one level you will need the following:
  • Hammer - 5
  • Rivet -5
  • Furnace - 5
  • Vice - 5
  • Anvil - 5
mafia wars armory building materials

As you level up, the items you create will be more powerful. Now --- for the best part of the armory -- crafting items.
You will collect armory items while doing jobs, fighting and robbing. Then, every 24 hours, you can use those parts to craft a new weapon. Select 'Build' under the type of item you want to create, you'll have a new weapon to add to your arsenal.

mafia wars armory

We're working on a complete list of items that you can make in your Armory -- stay tuned. My first build gave me this
Pair of Ocular Implants (so Star Trek, don't you think?) with 25 Attack, 26 Defense.

mafia wars armory ocular implants

What did you build in your armory so far? Leave a note in the comments below. Add Comments.
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