Friday Freebies: Zappos VIP membership, Chili's appetizer, soda at the movies

Zappos, Friday Freebies, Free VIP Membership
Zappos, Friday Freebies, Free VIP Membership

There's plenty of value to be found in this week's assortment of totally free stuff, from a free Zappos VIP membership, to three free issues of Seventeen magazine and a free appetizer at Chili's. There's also free soda at the movies, free vitamins, and free toothpaste. If you are a warehouse shopper, make sure to print out the 60-day free BJ's membership below. Have a great weekend!

Get a free Zappos VIP membership, which comes with free one-day shipping, when you share your name, e-mail and create a password for the site. Offer ends Oct. 8, 2010. Upgrading to one-day business shipping usually costs $25 per order. The VIP membership is valid as long as you keep the account open, I believe. Zappos offers non-VIPs (i.e. everyone) free shipping and free returns, costs that are factored into the price of their shoes. The site also sells clothes and accessories. Here are all the caveats.