Crowdstar's It Girl brings the new hotness to Facebook

CrowdStar's It Girl
In addition to launching Pop Boom recently on Facebook, CrowdStar has also just launched a game aimed at a very specific demographic, It Girl. The game, currently in its first phases of testing, allows players to create a female avatar with style savvy in hopes of achieving ultimate hotness.

The goal of the game is to boost your girl's confidence meter by buying new clothes and participating in "Show Downs," which are little competitions between girls in which they flaunt various pieces of designer clothing at one another. Each Show Down reduces your confidence rating, which you'll need to refill by buying more outfits and increasing your "Hotness."

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It Girl Level Up

Girls on the street (this entire city has not one single man, mind you) will also give you quests to find ideal outfits for different situations as well as go to parties to meet friends. These quests, along with experience gained through shopping and Show Downs, will raise your level and open access to stores with hotter clothes. With the amount of hotness going on around here, we're surprised Ms. Hilton isn't involved.

It Girl also tries to capture the shopping experience by allowing players to search shelves of clothing for new pieces to add to her ensemble, which consumes energy (think Treasure Isle with fancy clothes). Each piece of clothing has a "Hotness" rating, which will help in winning Show Downs with other girls. There is also a paid transaction store that works in Facebook Credits with items of even higher levels of hotness for those who want a leg up on the competition. Accumulating more outfits will also boost players' "Closet" rating, which also contributes to Show Downs.

It Girl Lose

The name of the game in It Girl is to shop, show off your stuff and shop some more to build your confidence and become the new hotness in town. However, like we said the game is still in early phases of testing, so expect frequent crashing and freezing. So, if you want a seamless experience in becoming the premiere fashionista, give it a week or two.

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