Betty White shills on YouTube

For anyone who hasn't jumped on the Betty White fan wagon, here's another chance. The 88-year-old phenom has her own clothing line made expressly for the younger set -- tees and hoodies with built-in, washable earbuds -- and now she's turned to YouTube to promote the product in a decidedly non-stodgy way.

Who was this year's most influential designer? Betty White, at least according to this send up promoting the Betty White Collection. In true White fashion, she skewers the nice old lady image, threatening seamstresses and sexually harassing handsome young men. It's all in good fun, and a portion of all proceeds go to the Morris Animal Foundation, where White serves as a trustee.

A company spokeswoman tells WalletPop that those are actual employees in the video, and that the products are made in the United States. The hoodies with built-in earbuds are available online at, but Betty White tees with slogans like "Who's Your Betty" and "Betty White is my Home Girl" can be gotten at national retailers including Kohl's and Hot Topic.