Adventure Activities in Malibu

Adventure Activity Malibu

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Malibu is a hotspot for adventure travel, but you won't find these daring activities in any of the tourist guides around here. If you are faint of heart or weak of body, these ideas are not something you will necessarily want to do. If you're fit, strong and brave, however, pick an adventure activity in Malibu from the list below, and try it if you dare.

1. Ghost Hunting: Thelma Todd

How about a little ghost hunting? The locals here like to pile into their cars at full moon and wait within sight of actress Thelma Todd's former residence. Some swear that she makes appearances when the moon is full, dressed in a flowing white gown, blond curls akimbo. Her ghost is reported to have been seen at the top of what was once the staircase leading from her old apartment to the courtyard at 17631 Posetano Road.

What's the story about Thelma Todd? Here's a quick history lesson. Thelma Todd starred in 108 films in the 1930s before her death at just 29. She is the victim of one of Hollywood's greatest unsolved crimes. There are several versions of the story, but the most popular is that she was murdered by a mobster who had been spurned by her.

Recent-day investigators claim that the scene was altered to make it look like she committed suicide. Although her body was bruised and her nose was broken, the cause of death written on her death certificate was carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Surfing at Zuma Beach

If you're not into ghost hunting but are still keen to try an adventure activity in Malibu, dare to check out the waves at Zuma Beach Malibu's most dangerous surfing area despite a total of 14 lifeguard towers. Local surfing legends consider this area one of the best to find the big waves that make for a thrilling ride.

The catch is that there are dangerous rip currents everywhere, so tourists usually don't surf here. Warnings are posted everywhere. It wasn't far from this spot that world-famous surfer Jesse Billauer suffered the accident that rendered him a quadriplegic. But that didn't stop him from going back - he had special equipment built and surfs at Zuma Beach to this day. It is a place that even healthy, adventurous Malibu surfers are wary of.

3. Kitesurfing

For more daring activities in Malibu, gather enough courage to hit the Monkey Air Kitesurfing shop. Kitesurfing is not recommended off of Zuma Beach, again because of the rip tides. But local kitesurfers say this part of the Malibu beach area is the most thrilling of all, as the high winds whip the kites, allowing the surfers to skim the waves and leap yards into the skies.

A number of fatalities have occurred in the area when airborne kitesurfers have crashed into fixed objects on the beach, but the dedicated and undaunted kitesurfing fans from the local Malibu area can be seen here every day.

Monkey Air Kitesurfing, 6543 Zuma View Place, Malibu, CA 90265, 310-457-6896

4. Shark fishing

An added danger for daring surfers in Malibu is the presence of sharks - big ones. If you have the gumption to give shark fishing with a rod and reel a try, Malibu is the place to do it. No heavy equipment or guns are allowed. In July 2010, a young fisherman reeled in a record-breaking 736 pound, 11 foot long mako shark.

Mako sharks are known for being able to swim at speeds up to 46 miles per hour and leap 30 feet into the air. Don't pretend that's not a Malibu travel adventure worthy of a place in the photo album!

5. Nude bathing

Another adventurous activity in Malibu requires a different kind of courage. If one dares to take it all off and walk around nude, the only legal place left in the area to do it is at the Sea Mountain Resort. This is another place you're probably not going to read about in the tourist guides. This spa resort is so hush-hush that the owners of the place don't even tell you where it is until you book and pay for a room! You won't find the address online anywhere, and the locals are vowed to secrecy.

The Sea Mountain Inn Resort is where to go if you want to drop a few thousand dollars on a vacation and walk around nude with movie stars - and not be arrested. For some, this could be thrilling. Then again, I can't promise this is where someone like Drew Carey goes to sunbathe.

Sea Mountain Inn Resort, Palm Drive exit off 10 Freeway, Malibu, 877-928-2827
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