Restaurant City: Paris items complete your Parisian bistro

New Paris Items
After adding the Coffee Bar to Restaurant City, Playfish decided to help finish out the Parisian theme with these new decorations. The first thing that comes to mind when I think "coffee bar" is expensive European espressos, so these new items couldn't be more fitting!

Continue reading for the full list plus a surprise.
Paris Items and free Chocolate
Here's a full list of the new items:


  • Red Bistro Chair (1500 coins)
  • Silver Bistro Chair (1500 coins)


  • Black Bistro Table (2000 coins)
  • Silver Bistro Table (2000 coins)


  • Post Impressionist Painting (12 Playfish Cash, adds one second waiting time)
  • Bistro Chalkboard (1800 coins)
  • Hanging Pans (2500 coins, unlocks with e-mail permission)Eiffel Tower
  • Bistro Clock (6500 coins)
  • Flowered Trellis (6500 coins)
  • Impressionist Print (12,000 coins)
  • Red Deco Vase (4 Playfish Cash)
  • Large Suave Lamp (5 Playfish Cash)
  • Bicycle (5 Playfish Cash)
  • Bistro Waiter (6 Playfish Cash)
  • Bistro Flowers (600 coins, free gift item)
  • Bistro Condiments (1000 coins, free gift item)
  • Magazine Rack (1100 coins, free gift item)
  • Blue Deco Vase (1600 coins)
  • Suave Table Lamp (1900 coins)
  • Bistro Column (several colors, 2800 coins)
  • Delicatessen Shelves (8500 coins)
  • Eiffel Tower (1,000,000 coins, +2 to max popularity, unlocks at 85)


  • Paris Pathway (60 coins, Cobblestone and Pavement)
  • Paris Pathway Corners (65 coins)


  • Bistro Wallpaper (2700 coins, White and Ochre)
  • Parisian Wallpaper (3400 coins, Red and Cream)
  • Cafe Wallpaper (4100 coins)

There you have, just about everything you'll need to complete your Parisian Bistro. Thankfully most of the items are only asking for coins (we'd all be broke if a fraction of these cost Playfish Cash). Oh, did we mention that you'll get a free piece of chocolate for logging in today? Yeah, they're cool like that.

What do you think about these additions to the Parisian set? Are you shooting straight for the Eiffel Tower? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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