New York City with Kids: A Perfect Family Day

New York City with Kids: A Family Vacation
New York City with Kids: A Family Vacation


With a park, a playground and a museum around nearly every corner, New York City is designed to be family friendly. But to avoid being overwhelmed with options -- especially when you visit New York with kids -- it's best to put together a plan that will keep your little ones entertained every step of the way.

For example, while exploring the east side of Manhattan, you might find yourself doing more wandering than you want in order to keep the kids amused. But having lived in the city for more than six years, two of which were with our daughter, we found the west side to be denser with diversions for the younger crowd. As long as you don't mind taking the subway -- which is an efficient and safe option for Manhattan travel -- or are willing to walk a bit, you can fill a day with fun along the west side.

While your options are nearly endless, the following itinerary is certain to create a great family vacation day in New York City with kids.