Mafia Wars Dublin Challenge Mission kicks off this weekend

mafia wars dublin challenge mission

Last week, we became the kingpens of Bollywood in Mumbai; this week, it's time to pack our bags and head to Dublin. In the new Mafia Wars Dublin Challenge Mission -- your goal is to, put simply, "Destroy your rivals and become the real power broker in Dublin."

From what I can tell so far, Dublin seems like it will work just like the previous Challenge Missions. There are three Chapters will be unlocked over the course of three weeks. Every time you finish a chapter, you will earn special Dublin Loot, in this case:

mafia wars dublin rewards

Chapter 1 Reward -- Bodyguard: 52 A, 63 D
Chapter 2 Reward -- Weapon: 84 A, 59 D
Chapter 3 Reward -- Animal (a Horse 67 A, 111 D)

Instead of London Passports or Film Reels, you'll have to collect Pints of Stout to get your jobs done. You will be able to collect 5 stout every 24 hours from the Mission screen or collect is as loot that will drop randomly from fights, jobs, robbing and other nefarious activities. You can also purchase them from the Marketplace.

mafia wars my crew

Another way to get extra Stout is by adding new members to your Crew. Every new person you sign up with earn you an additional 5 pints a pop.

This event kicks off this weekend, so I highly recommend you start stocking up on Pints of Stout and recruiting new Mafia members as soon as possible. See you in Dublin.
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