FrontierVille Meal Deal: Sign up to get free meals via email

frontierville daily mail delivery
frontierville daily mail delivery

FrontierVille is presenting an offer we can't refuse -- a free meal delivered to our email inbox daily. This 'meal deal' is a limited time offer and here's how it worked when I signed up.

I went into the game and was notified that I had a letter, which I found sitting in the middle of my property with a giant yellow arrow above it.

I clicked on the letter and received the following pop up, which explains how this deal works. Basically, you'll get a daily email from FrontierVille that will contain a free meal (meals replenish your energy in the game). You have to accept the meals that same day or they will expire.

Not sure how long this meal deal will be around, there's no indication that this will be a long-term or short-term promotion. I also checked my email right after I signed up, and I didn't get an email for today. We'll see how it long it takes for this free meal thing to kick in. After all, I'm a sucker for free food -- real or virtual.

Did you sign up for the meal deal? Is it worth giving out your email address for? Add Comment.