FarmVille Reitpony trots into the Market for 13 days only

farmville reitpony
farmville reitpony

A new pony has trotted into the FarmVille Market -- a limited edition horse called the Reitpony. If this pony looks familiar, you're not seeing things -- this horse has been featured on a new German-themed loading screen this week and was also revealed earlier this week as an unreleased item, listed as the Riding Pony.

The Reitpony will be available for purchase for the next 13 days only (and, yes, there is also a Reitpony foal).

Released: Sept 16, 2010
Cost: 24 Farm Cash
Sell for 84 coins
Harvest time: 3 days

Fun facts about the real-life Reitpony: 'Reitpony' translates into Riding Pony. This breed of pony was created for national and international horse riding competitions for childen and teens. The goal was to create a pony with the 'competitive athleticism of a riding horse.' Source

reitpony in real life
reitpony in real life

Are you planning to buy the Reitpony? Is it worth the 24 Farm Cash?
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