Deadliest Catch coming to Facebook, developer sees future in branded social game

Deadliest Catch coming to Facebook
Deadliest Catch coming to Facebook

The hit TV series from Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch, will soon go viral with an unnamed Facebook game developed by Hive Media. According to Hive Media CEO Brian Laing, the game will allow players to navigate treacherous waters while crab fishing on the Bering Sea, complete with a "crab count leaderboard."

Laing hopes that the brand attachment will help Hive Media's game turn out to be a winner on Facebook. "I think you can still be successful on other platforms, but Facebook is the one place to start, Laing said to Brand-e. "Once you have a winning game there, you can look to bring it out on other platforms."

As for the future of social gaming, Laing thinks, "[more branded social games will] bring in new game types and game mechanics that will be specifically tied to those brands." "I think when this happens we will start to see game mechanics combined to form very interesting games."

Deadliest Catch for Facebook is slated for a November 2010 release and will show up after the release of Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos November 9, 2010 on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

While branded Facebook games surely are taking off, whether they'll drive innovation has yet to be seen. Hopefully there is still room for originality in social games, but don't tell Zynga that.

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