Coronation Street social game to bring fans of British soap to Facebook

Coronation Street Logo
Coronation Street Logo

A U.K. soap opera known as "Coronation Street" has been transformed into a social game titled "Corrie Nation," according to British televsion network ATV. The game, set to launch both on Facebook and November 1, allows fans of the show to play in a parallel version of their favorite soap opera.

Players will collect up to 60 characters to start with as well as familiar buildings from the series. Like most social games, Corrie Nation will be free-to-play, but will feature paid transactions for virtual goods (sound familiar?). ITV, the British network that has broadcast Coronation Street for 50 years, and developer Enteraction will also introduce advertising and commercial sponsorship into the game to boost revenue, according to ATV.

Kieran Roberts, Creative Director Manchester Drama, said, "We're delighted this brilliantly imaginative new game will take the show onto new platforms whilst remaining truthful to 50 years of heritage and everything viewers love about Corrie."

It looks like American TV networks better learn a thing or two quick before they lose their share of the daytime TV tradition.

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