CBS Sports Franchise Football on Facebook is just in time for the season

CBS Sports Franchise Football

It seems like American football fever is high this year with both Madden NFL Superstars and Ultimate Fan making their debut on Facebook in time for the best season of the year: autumn. Err-- we mean football season, of course! CBS Sports hasn't been watching idly as these two titles get all the fun.

They've recruited developer Fantasy Moguls (can you tell they specialize in this stuff?) to help them create what they hope is the ultimate team management game on Facebook. So, what's the verdict? You'll have to join us after the break for that.
Franchise Football Tutorial Win

The goal of this game seems similar to Madden NFL Superstars, gather a team of the best NFL players to create the greatest dynasty team the league has ever seen. But Franchise Football seems to be aiming for the fantasy football crowd rather than the Madden fans.

The game is pretty light on visuals, showing little to no graphics with tons of statistics to watch out for. Games literally play out with the clock going at warp speed and stopping just for the scoring, which is similar to NFL Superstars yet with a lot less excitement.

Playing games is what gets you access to new free agents and brings home the bacon to afford those players. However, you can only play 15 games a day and extra game time is gonna' cost you. Reputation Points, that is. This is Franchise Football's paid currency which you can pay for through Facebook Credits. Reputation Points can also be spent to beef up your team's offense and defense, down to the position, though they're pretty pricey.

You can also trade players at any time through the Draft feature, but you can only receive draft picks by playing more games. All in all, just play as many matches as possible and you'll have more access to better players.

Franchise Ftooball Game Win

What's most interesting about Franchise Football is that every game played is against other users. You'll find none of those computer-driven leagues here. Every game played against another player has a payout if won and the player's record is displayed as well as their offense and defense ratings.

Every game played, trade made and Reputation Point spent will affect your standing in the league. This is a pretty ambitious effort by Fantasy Moguls, considering most sport simulators pit you against fake teams and leave the real games to scrimmage matches. Though, you can play scrimmage games in Franchise Football, which will actually refill your league games by a fraction. Unfortunately, you can only play 8 scrimmages daily.

In this game, you quite literally act as the team manager, overseeing every contributing factor to the team's success. I get the feeling that this game will go way over the heads of casual football fans. Not to mention there isn't much about Franchise Football that's visually appealing. There aren't even still images of the players, just icons explaining their position. When I said before that Franchise Football is for the serious football enthusiast, I wasn't kidding. But what isn't to stop football fans of this level to just play fantasy football? Only time (and some prettier games) will tell.

Have you guys had a chance to play Franchise Football yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments. Add Comment.
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