Cafe World Mexican decorations spice up your restaurant

Cafe World Mexican theme

New Mexican-themed items have made their way into Cafe World and they're sure to give your cafe that extra kick it needs. Most of the items on this long list (they even included Day of the Dead Skulls!) are going to cost you Cafe Cash, so get to reaching into those pockets.

Continue reading for a full list of items and the grand total.
Mexican Items

Here's a list of what you'll find in the Mexican theme:

  • Hot Pepper (15 Cafe Cash)
  • Mariachi Guitarron (16 Cafe Cash)
  • Mexican Fountain (16 Cafe Cash)
  • Luchador (17 Cafe Cash)
  • Mexican Divider (12,000 coins)
  • Mexican Table (2 Cafe Cash)
  • Equipale Chair (2 Cafe Cash)
  • Mexican Archway (2 Cafe Cash)
  • Desert Day View (15 Cafe Cash)
  • Desert Night View (15 Cafe Cash)
  • Landscape Mural (100,000 coins)
  • Frida Portrait (8 Cafe Cash)
  • Neon Fiesta Sign (20,000 coins)
  • Hanging Sombrero (22,000 coins)
  • Adobe Window (25,000 coins)
  • Day of the Dead Skulls (30,000 coins)
  • Mexican Floor Tile (1 Cafe Cash)
  • Adobe Wall (2 Cafe Cash)
  • Adobe Stove (6 Cafe Cash)
  • Mexican Counter (5 Cafe Cash)
  • Pinata Tree (8 Cafe Cash)
  • Aguas Frescas (25 Cafe Cash)
  • Hot Tamale Sign (15 Cafe Cash)

Wow, they really went all out with this one. If you're looking to turn your cafe into a traditional Mexican Taqueria, this set will cost you a grand total of 154 Cafe Cash and 363,000 coins. If only these item sets all came out closer to Tax Return time.

Are you excited by these new items? Do you plan on decorating your cafe with Mexican flair? Tell us in the comments. Add Comment.
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