Black Friday 2010 predictions have arrived! What's on sale?

We know you've barely had a chance to put back to school sales behind you, but it's already time to start looking at what will be on sale on Black Friday 2010. As always, the team at WalletPop is gearing up to deliver the best Black Friday deals and to do so we called up our favorite Black Friday Deal prediction expert Dan de Grandpre, Editor in Chief of to find out what his Black Friday 2010 predictions are and what you need to look for this Black Friday Season.

Yes, you read that right, Black Friday Season. Over the past two years we've seen a transformation of Black Friday from a one-day event, celebrated by shoppers the Friday after Thanksgiving, to an event that starts up in late October and runs through early December.

With more time to look for deals, there is a temptation to hold out for a better deal but de Grandpre recommends that shoppers, "pull the trigger" as soon as they see the item they are looking for at the price they want, "especially if it is close to the prediction price." The reason for the quick purchase is that quantities are often limited and as de Grandpre explains, as long as you are happy with the purchase and the price, you still have a good deal that you can brag about, even if you find the same item $20 cheaper a week alter.