10 Must Haves to Travel Nomadic

I am a travel nomad and always pack light, but there are things that I've learned I can't leave home without. Whether you are spending a week, a month, or a lifetime on the road, here are the 10 must-have items that world nomads need.

1. Camera
World nomads don't want to miss out on all the precious moments on the road and years from now, when memories fade, it will be nice to have photos of places past.

2. Music player
I'd go crazy without my iPod. When you are squashed between 10 people on a mini-bus in Laos, having music to take your mind off things will keep you sane.


Ed Yourdon, flickr

3. Laptop
Even if you aren't planning on working during your vacation, having a laptop makes it a lot easier for a travel nomad to stay in touch with people back home. Plus it's a great way to watch movies during long train rides.

4. Cell phone
SIM cards and cell phones are so cheap these days there's no reason why you can't have one with you at all times. I simply swap out my SIM card whenever I go to a new country, which makes meeting friends on different travel paths a lot easier.

5. Quick drying towel
If you are planning on staying at multiple hostels during your trip, it's essential to bring a quick drying towel. Regular towels will make a musty mess of your bag.


bark, flickr

6. Extra Socks
It might seem like a simple thing, but socks get a lot of wear and tear while you are traveling. I always bring multiple pairs, whether I am trekking through jungles or spending days walking around a major city.

7. Locks
I always carry a wide range of locks with me, especially since I travel with so many electronics. Locker sizes vary widely, so you never know what you may need.

8. Money Belt
There are pickpockets all over the world so it's good to have the extra protection. Money belts are essential when you're in a crowded market or on a packed bus.



9. Vitamins
Life on the road is unhealthy. You stay out late, you don't eat well, and you never get enough sleep. A small bottle of multivitamins won't take up much space and can help guard you from getting sick.

10. Backup Documents
Even if you travel light, it's always smart to prepare for worst-case scenarios. Carry copies of your passport in case you lose the original and need to arrange for a replacement. Having a copy of your travel insurance will definitely come in handy if you get sick and have to go to the hospital.

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