10 money facts we bet you didn't know


At WalletPop, we believe everyone should be well-versed in all things money. We want everyone to know how to balance their checkbook, how to create (and stick!) to a monthly budget and how to save on groceries. We encourage all consumers to improve their credit scores and dig out of damaging debt. And there's certainly a lot to know about taxes and insurance and ... OK, we admit, as important as these personal finance issues are, some money topics can fall short on the scintillating scale. So today, we offer you something from the lighter side of money: mini money facts from the tops of bottle caps -- of all places.

Let us explain. Even if you aren't a Snapple drinker, you've likely heard of Snapple Real Facts. They're the unusual little factoids found on the underside of the drinks' bottle caps. Well, without you having to buy any beverages or pop any tops, we share 10 of Snapple's trivia tidbits and follow it up with a little dose of WalletPop for good measure. (Get ready to impress your friends at the water cooler.)