White House Prepares $20 Billion in Spending Requests for Congress


The Obama Administration will request about $20 billion worth of initiatives from Congress next month in a move that may further deadlock the U.S. government over spending, the Associated Press reported.

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The White House, among other requests, will propose about $6 billion to fund shortfalls in the Pell Grant program, as well as more than $4 billion that would be earmarked to settle long-standing lawsuits against the government, the wire service said. The Administration sent an "unofficial" spending request to Congress earlier this week, according to the AP.

The Administration has suggested such initiatives as part of an effort to fund the government beyond Sept. 30, the formal end to the the fiscal year.

Yet headed into the mid-term elections, Congress is unlikely to approve most of the proposed bills, the wire service said, citing Representative Tom Latham (R-Iowa). Democrats hope to keep control of Congress after mid-terms, which are in seven weeks.