Where Corporate Recruiters Are Scouting: Large Public Universities



've been singing the praises of large public universities as loudly as just about anyone -- especially in my new book (pictured). Where else can you get a huge diversity of classes, programs and people at such a (relatively) low price?

Happily, it seems that employers are catching on: Large public universities are where it's at. A survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal, Cambria Consulting and Payscale found that "Recruiters say graduates of top public universities are often among the most prepared and well-rounded academically, and companies have found they fit well into their corporate cultures and over time have the best track record in their firms."

Another reason recruiters are shifting toward large public universities: Recession-related belt-tightening has left many companies with reduced resources to recruit, forcing them to focus on fewer campuses. Targeting large public universities allows them to reach the most students for their buck.

According to the survey, the top five campuses most preferred by recruiters were:

  1. Penn State

  2. Texas A&M

  3. University of Illinois

  4. Purdue

  5. Arizona State

So tell that to the next friend at a cocktail party who tells you that saddling yourself or your kid with $50,000 in debt to go to a small private college is a good idea.

Zac Bissonnette'sDebt-Free U: How I Paid For An Outstanding College Education Without Loans, Scholarships, Or Mooching Off My Parentswas called "best and most troubling book ever about the college admissions process" by The Washington Post.

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