Office Humor: Dancing Police and Other Great Work Moves

Being a police officer can have its ups and downs, and not many workers have the chance to dance or sing on the job. Some traffic cops, however, are taking advantage of their outdoor jobs standing up all day, and are dancing and moving while keeping traffic flowing.

Here's our favorite, a traffic policeman at Flatbush Avenue and Fourth Avenue, one of the busiest intersections in New york City:

As an Australian website points out with other videos of dancing police, dancing on the job can be a lot of fun. These officers are all good dancers, even if drivers can't tell which direction they're pointing. Here are some more of our favorite videos of workers dancing on the job:

Dancing for a cause

The Pink Glove Dance is a favorite as workers raise breast cancer awareness:

Dancing in the streets

This construction worker is enjoying his job, and finds a fun way to keep a boring job from being boring, although some prefer to dance in the office:

Dirty dancing

Dancing before work is a good way to warm up before a day of physically demanding work:

Dancing with myself

You never know when a camera is on you at work, so be careful where you dance, as this guy found at during an inspired singing and dancing session at his desk:

Bonus: Dance classic

'The Office' has its own special place in workplace dances, such as David Brent's charity dance, but Andy Benard's bear horn dance is one of the best:

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