New Technology Could Let Drivers Verbally Update Facebook Page

OnStar, a unit of General Motors that provides in-car safety and communications, unveiled new services that may allow drivers to verbally update their Facebook page and send text messages.

The new services would read the driver's Facebook news feed out loud and let them update their status with audio recordings, OnStar said in a statement. The new technology would also read out text messages, and let the driver verbally select a preset response.

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"These initiatives are all about OnStar's role in keeping drivers and passengers connected and safe," said OnStar President Chris Preuss.

OnStar's other new features may include using smartphones to act like key fobs, remote starting the car and locking and unlocking doors.

OnStar currently has almost six million customers in North America. Later this month, the company will launch a new marketing campaign focused on the theme "Live On – Safely connecting you in ways you never thought possible."