Mafia Wars: Las Vegas Districts 7 and 8 are open for business!

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Districts 7 and 8 now openLas Vegas Districts 7 and 8, Area 51 and the Hoover Dam respectively, are finally open in Mafia Wars. Both districts contain several jobs with multiple path options and impressive mastery items: the Experimental Exoskeleton from Area 51 and Hallorans Helicopter from Hoover Dam. Did we mention this update includes brand new achievements too? Everyone needs their cheevos!

Both districts, like all of Las Vegas, offer three different paths for progression: Energy, Stamina or Social (slightly more limited). You'll have to follow at least one path and master each job completely to access the district's boss. Also, there are a lot of itme locks on the later jobs, so we recommend you master one job before going to the next to make sure you get enough of the items. So, get cracking if you want to get your hands on these new mastery items and achievements now.

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