Hotel City Wardrobe: Make your staff look snazzy and style savvy

Hotel City Wardrobe Feature
Hotel City Wardrobe Feature

Playfish just added a brand new feature to Hotel City to give your staff some personal flair. The new Wardrobe feature, located on the lower right hand corner of the screen, allows players to customize the appearance of their staff and hotel manager with a wide selection of of clothing and accessories. But there's a catch.

Before you can dress up your hotel employees, you'll have to add a Manager's Office to your hotel for a a steep 30,000 coins (just be happy it's not Playfish Cash). What this has anything to do with dressing up, we're not in the slightest. Just go along with it, okay?

After buying the manager's office, you can scroll through your hotel staff and buy clothing for them and give them accessories. However, you can only change the hair and facial features of your manager, which is kind of a bummer. While it's obvious Playfish wants the manager look like yourself as goes in most avatar-centric games, I would have liked the option to change the features of all my staff. Being the underdog can be fun sometimes, no?

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