FrontierVille Mystery Animal Crates are back with a bunch more decorations

FrontierVille Mystery Animals are back
As if the Horseshoe Pit wasn't enough this week, Zynga pushed yet another sneaky update to FrontierVille. New Mystery Animals are here as well as four other limited edition items that don't seem to be part of an official set, but feel like they should be.

Find a list of the Mystery Animals and the other rare items after the break.Here's what you'll find under the "Special" tab today for just 12 more days:

Mystery Animal Crates are back
Mystery Animal Crates:
Chance of being one of three animals in three different colors
  • Costs 30 Horseshoes
  • A red, green or blue Turtle
  • A white, brown or pink Alpaca
  • A black, white or brown Ferre
farmville mystery animals

Ring of Fire
Four other Limited Edition Items:
  • Ring of Fire (Costs 45 Horseshoes, Gives 270 XP)
  • Chugging Burner (Costs 35,000 coins, Gives 350 XP)
  • Wood Bin (Costs 25 Lumber and 2500 coins, Gives 25 XP)
  • Wood Pile (Costs 15 Lumber and 1500 coins, Gives 15 XP)
We're unsure yet whether this series of Mystery Animals will be part of another collection, but we'll keep you posted.

Will you be buying these Mystery Animals or maybe the Ring of Fire (the other items look kind of boring)? Have you discovered another Mystery Animals Collection? Tell us in the comments. Add Comment.
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