FishVille: Horseshoe Crab visits Phosphorus Jungle among other glowing creatures

FishVile Phosphorus Jungle Items
FishVile Phosphorus Jungle Items

Since the Phosphorus Jungle was introduced to FishVille back in August, new fish and fauna have been popping in and out of the undersea forest. Just introduced and only available for another 5 days is the Horseshoe crab for 14 Sand Dollars.

Called the "spider of the sea" by the FishVille team, this green and purple crustacean will skitter across your Phosphorus Jungle floor amongst a collection of new plants like the Spirobranchus, which goes for 8 Sand Dollars and rewards 2,400 XP. Here's a full list of what's new in the Phosphorus Jungle:

Horseshoe Crab
Horseshoe Crab

  • Seed Pod: Costs 8 Sand Dollars, Gives 2,400 XP

  • Phosphorus Flytrap: Costs 50,000 Coins, Gives 500 XP

  • Radiant Monstera: Costs 75,000 Coins, Gives 750 XP

  • Dream Catcher: Costs 120,000 Coins, Gives 1,200 XP

  • Horseshoe Crab: Costs 14 Sand Dollars (Only 5 days left!)

  • Spirobranchus: Costs 8 Sand Dollars, Gives 2,400 XP

Thankfully these new items won't break the bank at a total of 30 Sand Dollars for a good amount of XP. If only the Phosphorus Flytrap were animated, I'd sacrifice a few fish just to see it in action! Come on, you know you would too.

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