FIFA Superstars Update: 'Like' players, take photos of your team and find a Superstar of the Week

Team of the Week
After a brief downtime today, EA Sports and Playfish pushed a new update to FIFA Superstars with some interesting new features. First things first, players now have a chance to win one of the Superstars of the Week from Bronze, Silver and Gold Transfers in the Store, thanks to the new ""Team of the Week" feature.

Every week, the Store will be updated with higher-value limited edition players that, if found, will be yours until you decide to sell them. Before you run to see how many coins and Playfish Cash you have (or research on just how to play the darn game), check out the other changes after the break.
Publish Your Team Photo

Another change introduced to the game allows players to take snapshots of their team and share them with their friends. While this does streamline the process, it's not as if people couldn't simply grab a snapshot of their screen and post it on their walls before this.
Team Like

Last but certainly not least, players can now "Like" their favorite players much like how they would a friend's post or something they found on one of their favorite websites. That's right folks, Facebook's Open Graph Policy has officially made it into games. This could be huge for game developers who want to measure the success of a certain feature or paid item. Just mouse over a player either on your own team or a friend's team and the thumb icon will appear. This could eventually lead to the most "Liked" players each week finding their way into the new "Team of the Week" feature.

Unfortunately, the "Likes" aren't appearing on walls at the moment. Let's hope this is a bug and gets fixed shortly as I would imagine this is the whole point of "Liking" players.

How do you like the new features in FIFA Superstars? Are you as excited as I am for the "Like" option? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.
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