Dorm decorating trend: rasterbating


Millions of college students are moving into temporary living spaces with stark white walls and many rental and dorm housing agreements have clauses that prohibit damaging the walls with holes or paint. What's a stylish renter to do to ease this decorating frustration? Rasterbate!

You read correctly. Rasterbating is a great way to decorate temporary living spaces in a cheap and personalized way. In short, rasterbating converts any digital image into millions of tiny dots which can can be expanded to any size, printed out, and then pieced together like a puzzle on a surface of your choice. This tool combined with your bloated university printing allowance is a free and sophisticated way to decorate your space.

Joel Booker, 22, is a computer science major at Fox Valley Technical College and has decorated with rasterbated images for a many years. "Primarily, I rasterbate comical images, pictures I find humorous," Booker said. He first learned about rasterbating from website forums such as and