Bloons 2: The addictive balloon popper returns

bloons 2
If you play free online games, you've probably played Bloons. Bloons is the puzzle game that has you firing darts at floating balloons. Pop enough balloons and you move onto the next stage. Along the way you and your dart throwing monkey encounter challenging levels, neat powerups, and of course, a ridiculous amount of balloons. (Who has time to inflate all of those anyway?)

Now with millions of players and over a billion plays, Bloons game developer NinjaKiwi, is ready to release a sequel. I'm not talking about Bloons Tower Defense 2, Bloons Tower Defense 3, More Bloons, Bloons Jr, Hot Air Bloon, or any of the wannabe Bloons sequels. I'm talking about the only legitimate sucessor to Bloons: Bloons 2.

Continue reading to watch the Bloons 2 trailer and check out more of the new Bloons 2 features.

Right off the bat, it's evident Bloons 2 is going where no Bloons game has gone before. In just the trailer we can see all new dart powerups, laser monkeys, planes, special bloons and more. Check out the pictures below for info on the new features.
bloons 2
In the original Bloons we saw a few types of special bloons. Ice Bloons, Mine Bloons, and Pin Bloons were among the variety. In Bloons 2 even more special bloons mix up the levels, including the Camouflage Bloons pictured above. As shown in the trailer, these bloons appear then slowly disappear before reappearing again. The catch is they can only be popped when visible, so time your shots well.
bloons 2
Another special bloon in Bloons 2 is the Bee Bloon. After popping a Bee Bloon, a swarm of bees will surge around your cursor, popping every bloon in its path with their pointy stingers. Pretty cool in my opinion.

Not only that, but in Bloons 2 you are going to see way more moving bloons, making dart accuracy and timing crucial. Let's hope our monkey pal has been practicing in his time off.
bloons 2
Another awesome Bloons 2 powerup is the Monkey Ace fighter pilot. When he's not busy doing barrel rolls or protecting the skies of the Adriatic, you can call him in to help do some serious balloon popping. As shown in the trailer, the Bloons 2 Monkey Ace will fly in a straight line, chopping up bloons with his propeller. What a show off...
bloons 2
The final new bloon we saw was the Blooming Bloon. When popped, each of these bloons spawns seven more bloons in the shape of a beautiful balloon flower. How relaxing.

And take a look at those graphics! Lush green fields as far as the eye can see, big fluffy clouds cruising overhead and an azure sky of deepest summer. Perfect balloon popping weather. What a shame to think winter is around the corner.
bloons 2
The original Bloons featured a mere 50 levels and a rather dull level selection screen. Bloons 2 takes that idea and discards it completely. Not only are there now double the amount of levels (96 levels not including extra secrets), but there is now an awesome Bloons 2 world map in place of that boring table. Unlock levels, find secrets, and explore the world of Bloons 2. Best of all, the new world map will save your progress. Woohoo! No more starting over every time.
bloons 2
bloons 2 super monkeyFinally, new to Bloons 2 is the Super Monkey. Remember in the original Bloons when sometimes you just couldn't pop enough bloons? You would get so frustrated throwing dart after dart, hoping to somehow hit a few more. Well frustration be gone! In Bloons 2, when all else fails, just call up your pal the Super Monkey. He'll unleash a laser barrage and KA-BOOM, before you know it the level has been completely obliterated and you've moved on to the next level.

To unlock your very own Super Monkey click here.

The original Bloons has been out for several years and despite the love it gets, it is getting a little stale. Dedicated players have been caught saying it might even be boring. The fact is, it's dated and we're pumped about getting an updated sequel in the next few days.

And remember, I've only given you a taste of what the Bloons 2 feast has to offer. For example, I didn't even tell you guys about reverse gravity Bloons 2 levels. I know you're dying to know, but you'll have to wait and play the full game.

Bloons 2 will be released September 24. So whether you're a longtime fan or a new Bloons recruit, you better put your dart throwing skills to the test and check out the full game.

To help pass the time until the release, dust off those darts and play the original:

Click here to play the original Bloons>
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