Zynga's Platinum Purchase Program does high-profile, underground transactions

Zynga conducts underground direct money transfers
Zynga conducts underground direct money transfers

While we know Zynga has made some pretty inflammatory comments before in reference to its game design, we've seldom heard the company behind social game giant FarmVille say much of anything about addiction. Maybe this is because they'd rather not be seen as hypocritical when the company was recently discovered running a hushed transaction program known as the Platinum Purchase Program.

The program is only dealt with via e-mail and the minimum purchase price is $500 via wire-transfer only. Buying directly nets purchasers more bonus points to buy items in their games. Since Zynga doesn't mention this secret program on its website or in any Zynga game, these high-profile purchasers are rewarded extra points for referring friends to the program. This spreads the word among the those who are hooked on the program with less chance of this underground program being exposed.