Walmart offers unlimited talk and text for $45 per month: how it compares

Walmart store
Walmart store

Even though Walmart already sells phones and service from every major cell phone company and has a collection of brands like Straight Talk, which runs on Verizon, and Common Cents, which runs on Sprint; the company didn't have a house brand. That changed this week with the introduction of Walmart Family Mobile, a new post-paid wireless service that offers unlimited talk and text as well as rollover data -- without a contract or credit check.

The Walmart Wireless Mobile plan will be available in Walmart stores soon, but don't go looking for Walmart towers to pop up across the country, since the service will be provided by T-Mobile. The plans are paid for at the end of a billing period, a move made by Walmart to attract consumers who perceive these post-paid plans as offering better phones and better value.