Safe and Dangerous Places in Tampa

Areas to Avoid Tampa
Areas to Avoid Tampa


Tampa, Fla., and the surrounding area is considered a beautiful place to live and visit. Tampa is a popular tourist destination thanks to its geographic location, the nearby beaches of St. Petersburg and Clearwater and tourist attractions that include Busch Gardens and professional sports arenas.

Naturally, there will be a certain amount of criminal activity, as in any major metropolitan area or generally safe city in America. Tampa has certain neighborhoods that can present tourists with danger. However, according to the Morgan Quitno report on the safest cities in the US, Tampa makes the cut.

According to, one of Tampa' major news sources, the statistics collected from the Tampa Police Department and other government agencies show that in 2009, violent crime dropped more than 12% and other crimes dropped more than 15%. This was the seventh year in a row the city saw a decrease in crime.

We'll first take a look at the safe places in Tampa, and then look at the statistics about the most dangerous spots that visitors should consider areas to avoid in Tampa. We've also got tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of crime.