Unemployed Turning to Psychics for Job Search Advice

If it's true that desperate times call for desperate measures, it should come as no surprise that psychics are among the few whose businesses are booming during the current economic downturn. Websites for online readings have reported a surge over the last couple of years, and the most popular questions now being asked are "When will I find a job?" and "Where should I look for work?" They replace questions like to "Will I ever get married?" and "Is my spouse cheating on me?"

The more reputable, personal psychics have also noted an upswing in job-related and economic questions, asked by a wide range of clients from billionaires and business professionals to child care workers and out of work artists. One psychic, Sue Frederick, who prefers the title "Career Intuitive," focuses exclusively on helping people with their careers, and has even written a popular book, 'I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do.'

"I try to help people see the recession as an opportunity for change and growth," says Frederick. She gives the example of a high-powered executive who made an exceptional living but hated her job. When she was laid off, Frederick helped her transition into a field that tapped into her true passion, which was working with animals. The former business executive started a doggy day care service, and has never been happier or more successful.

"You would be surprised at the types of people who come to us for help, especially now," says Terry Jamison, who, with her sister, makes up the duo of the Psychic Twins, most famous for predicting 9/11 with specific details. "About 15 months ago, a high-tech millionaire came to us, not knowing what to do or which way to turn in this unpredictable economy. We told him that we saw alternative energy in his life, and that in particular, a bio-fuel opportunity would soon be coming his way, and that he should jump on it. Not long ago, we heard back from him -- he'd taken our advice, and not only was he even more financially successful, but he feels great about helping the environment as well as the economy."

The recession is a gift?

Frederick thinks we brought these difficult financial times on ourselves. "We created this economic meltdown with our collective unhappiness," she asserts. "We've been working too hard and giving up our heart and soul for a paycheck. So many people come to me saying, 'I've hated my job for years, but I can't afford to leave it because of the salary.' I try to help them find their life's work and passion, and once they're involved in that, not only money, but great satisfaction will come."

She calls the downturn a gift: "Humans resist change, and when things are going well, we stay on the same path -- no matter where that path might be leading. Then along comes a crisis, and we're forced to change what we've been doing." Frederick believes that If we're thoughtful and aware and open, that change can free us, and lead to something far better. "We might one day think of these times like the American Revolution," she says. "It cause unthinkable pain for many, but just look what it accomplished."

The skeptical among us (and I admit to having one foot in that camp) say it's easy for psychics to tell their own success stories, but real proof comes directly from the horse's mouth. I contacted someone who would not seem to be the first person to consult a psychic in times of need: A family man with three children who owns a landscaping business, by the name of Ken Coll.

"These days, I think you should consider getting help anywhere you can find it," says Coll. "Even if they're not 100 percent spot-on with what the future holds, good psychics can keep you in line with what to focus on." He says the Psychic Twins advised him to design gardens for the Pasadena Showcase house, at a time when his resources were low and he didn't have a lot of money to risk on an elaborate display. "I got more than enough business from that to cover my costs," he says, "and I'm now working on a $450,000 backyard because of it."

But what about me?

Still a little skeptical, I took advantage of my phone interviews with these psychics to ask them a little about my own career situation. I hadn't told them enough about myself for them to research me before I called.

I have to admit they were frighteningly accurate. The twins mentioned that my own career started to take off the minute I split with a very toxic business partner (this was true). They also said 2011-2013 would be great for me career-wise, and that I would spend time on TV, making public appearances, traveling, lecturing and writing (I hope this will be true).

Frederick said that I'd found my true course earlier this year, which is just when my latest book 'Career Comeback -- Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want,' came out. She also said that in the very near future I would be branching out into other types of media, especially broadcast, and it just so happens that next week I'm headed to Boston to tape some career image makeovers for AOL Jobs and to talk about them on television.

So is this type of advice worth $250 and up for a reading? The online psychics are far less expensive, but they're also less sincere, and are trained to tell clients what they want to hear -- the kinds of things that make people want to come back and pay for more. It's true that hope and guidance are hard to come by these days, but I would suggest that if you're going to spend money on a psychic, do your research and find one with a proven track record. Some random person online or at the end of an 800 number is probably not your best investment. And no one but yourself, not even a psychic, can tell you what is the best way to spend your hard-earned cash.

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