Mafia Wars: Fight in Moscow and Cuba if you want more loot

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In the current state of Mafia Wars, players can choose to fight in any of the game's five cities: New York, Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok and Las Vegas. Players have always speculated on the significance of fighting in any particular city, but according to a tipster to Mafia Wars Maniac, this mystery might be solved.

After 843 fights in all five cities, Mafia Wars player Param discovered that the won far more loot in both Cuba and Moscow than any other location in the game. According to his data, which he parsed using the Brawler bookmarklet, he received 15 weapon parts in Moscow alone during his 843 fight binge (of which he lost just eight fights).

Mafia Wars Maniac mentions that Param didn't choose to fight mafias with a size of 501 to ensure better and more frequent loot drops. This official hint by the Zynga team is the only guaranteed factor to contribute to increased loot drops from fights, so Param's experience could simply be a fluke.

Have you had similar experiences fighting in Cuba or Moscow? Do you think this is a fluke and if so, what do you think about Zynga's hint towards fighting mafias of 501 members? What's your favorite place to fight in Mafia Wars? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.