Google Street View Banned From the Czech Republic

Google Street View Banned From the Czech RepublicGoogle's (GOOG) controversial Street View service got the heave-ho from the Czech Republic, after failing to get a registration to operate in that country, according to an Associated Press report Tuesday. The move by the Central European nation goes a step further than measures other countries have taken to date -- among them, launching investigations, raiding Google's offices and publicly voicing their concerns.

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Google launched Street View in the Czech Republic last fall, but in April, authorities there began to investigate whether the Internet search giant had sidestepped protocol and failed to obtain the necessary approvals before moving ahead with the service, according to the report. Although the Prague government declined to explain its action, it said it intends to delve into the topic next week.

Last month, South Korean officials raided Google offices in search of any illegally obtained user data that Google might have collected while gathering photos for its Street View service in that nation. Other countries investigating the service due to similar concerns include Australia, Germany, France and Spain. In the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission and the Connecticut attorney general's office are investigating.

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