FarmVille Truffles: Everything you need to know

FarmVille Pig Truffle Hunting
Zynga recently released a new way of getting Truffles from your pigs in FarmVille: the Pigpen. While we already know how to build our pigpens and send our pigs truffle hunting, the wild world of truffles has been somewhat of a mystery. Specifically, the many varieties of truffles and what you'll be rewarded with for trading them in (hint: rare pigs and coins aplenty). Until now.

Join us behind the cut for a detailed guide on what these weird (and apparently delicious) fungi can have in store for you.
FarmVille Pig Found a Truffle
Since the world of truffles can get pretty confusing, we're going to break it down by the four truffle varieties: brown, black, white and golden. Then, check below for which pig will be able to find each truffle and what that truffle will get you after trading it in. You'll notice a bit of overlap in the rewards versus what pig is required to find each truffle.

This is because once you get that particular pig, the game is trying to tell you to use that pig to find the next variety of truffle. Trust us, it'll make sense to you after reading our detailed list:

FarmVille Brown TruffleBrown Truffles:
Pigs Able to Find Them

  • Pig
  • Black Pig
  • Ossabaw Pig
  • Party Pig

Trade-in Rewards

  • 1/5 Fuel Refill
  • Strawberry Pig
  • Black Pig
  • Ossabaw Pig

FarmVille Black TruffleBlack Truffles:
Pigs Able to Find Them

  • Saddleback Pig
  • Piglet
  • Strawberry Pig *This pig is a reward from finding Brown Truffles, use it to find the next tier of truffles.

Trade-in Rewards

  • 1 Fuel Refill
  • Strawberry Pig
  • White Pig
  • 300 coins

FarmVille White TruffleWhite Truffles:
Pigs Able to Find Them

  • Hot Pink Pig
  • Hula Pig
  • Island Pig
  • White Pig *Notice the pattern going on here.

Trade-in Rewards

  • 5 Fuel Refills
  • White Pig
  • Pink Potbelly Pig
  • 1,000 coins

FarmVille Gold TruffleGold Truffles:
Pigs Able to Find Them

  • Javelina
  • Miniature Pig
  • Pot Belly Pig
  • Pink Pot Belly Pig

Trade-in Rewards

  • 10 Fuel Refills
  • Pink Pot Belly Pig (Wait, what?*)
  • 5,000 coins

So, there you have it. That's everything you'll need to find each and every variety of truffle, but more importantly what's in it for you. There's a pattern in the rewards that will guide you into the next tier of truffles without forcing you to pay up for new pigs.

*Unfortunately, the Gold Truffles don't reward a new pig. Though, I guess more Pink Potbellies will eventually be more beneficial in the long run. Imagine all of the fuel and coins you could net with a pigpen filled with Pink Potbellies! So, now with an even better reason to find those truffles, happy hunting!

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