FarmVille nursery barn expansion adds space for 40 new young'uns

farmville nursery expansion has arrived
farmville nursery expansion has arrived

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UPDATE: The Nursery expansion has arrived. With the expansion players will be able to place 40 animals in their nursery barn. Not all players have this yet so be patient, it will be available soon.

The Nursery Barn can be upgraded twice. The first upgrade will give you 10 extra storage and the second will give you an additional 10 extra storage, for a grand total of 20 extra storage.

Every time you expand, you will need 10 of the following: bricks, boards, nails, bottles and blankets.

farmville nursery barn
farmville nursery barn

There are several ways to expand the Nursery Barn:

1. Ask neighbors for help. You can expand your Nursery by collecting building materials from your neighbors. Selecting 'Look Inside' from your Nursery's menu will show you what you need to complete your expansion. You can click 'Ask for More' and then select friends that will receive your request. Friends can also send the materials from the Free Gifts menu.

2. Use Farm Cash. If you want to buy the expansion, it will cost you 50 Farm Cash. To do this, click the "Complete Now" button or you can purchase individual components by clicking the "buy" button under each of the required materials.

In addition, one reader noted that there is a foal we haven't seen before in the loading screen above.

Looks like a new Nursery expansion in on its way in FarmVille. I spotted this loading screen, but haven't seen the option to expand the nursery on our farm yet. Have you? Stay tuned!

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