FarmVille Halloween 2010 predictions: What will we see this year?

farmville halloween 2010 predictions: What will we see?
farmville halloween 2010 predictions: What will we see?

Last year's Halloween was very special in FarmVille. Why? It was the first holiday 'event' in the game, which ran from October 7-31. The celebration included a series of spooky decorations that including white Jack O'Lanterns, the adorable Cat O' Lantern, the Plant Monster, Tombstones and an animated Haunted House.

In my mind, Halloween 2009 really marks the beginning of the FarmVille we play now. Those seasonal items lead to the limited-time events where you ask friends for items which can then be redeemed for special loot. Remember the Holiday Tree last year? And then the buildable buildings made their way into the game with the arrival of the Horse Stable. Now the game includes crafting buildings, which adds an entirely new dimension to the game -- not only are you a virtual farmers, but also run a virtual vineyard, bakery or spa on the side.

So, just thinking about all of the endless possibilities for Halloween this year, well, it's a little frightening (in a good way). I'm casting my vote for a buildable haunted house, zombie animals and tiny costumes for our virtual farmers.


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