FarmVille German Limited Edition buildings: German Barn, German Flower Cafe, German Tool Shed


Quick on the heels of the Wild West update in FarmVille, Zynga has added yet another theme of items to the mix: the German setting. With this limited edition theme comes three new buildings. Check them out below:

FarmVille German Barn
FarmVille German Barn

This German Barn goes for 30 Farm Cash, can hold 22 items and sells for 2250 coins. It also grants 450 XP when used and can be gifted to your friends.

The German Flower Cafe, which asks for 34 Farm Cash, grants an impressive 800 XP when bought and can also be gifted to your neighbors. It also sells for 4000 Coins.

For 100,000 coins, the German Tool Shed can be yours. It holds 15 items, grants 1000 XP and can be sold for 5000 coins.

All three of these buildings will only be available for 19 days, so start saving.

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