Chase's website is down

Chase's website is down
Chase's website is down

If you're a Chase Bank customer, I doubt I'm telling you anything you don't know: the Chase website is down.

It doesn't look like it at first, but if you to go to the site, at, there on the left hand side are the words: Our website is temporarily unavailable. We're working quickly to restore access. Please log on later.

But they're not working quickly enough, at least according to one of my relatives and a Chase customer. This relative of mine has been anxiously alerting me every few hours today that Chase's website is still down. It's been down since Monday evening, which means it's been down around 15 hours or so.

I've contacted Chase's representative to get a comment, but so far, haven't heard anything. But even reporters who have talked to Tom Kelly, Chase spokesperson, haven't been told much. Mr. Kelly told Bloomberg Businessweek that the problem is "a technical issue," which really explains a lot, doesn't it?

There are 16.5 million customers right now who are unable to use the website, but the ATMs still work, and so does banking over the phone and in branches. We'll report more, when there's more to report.

P.S. Well, Tom Kelly just emailed me, with no more information than what BusinessWeek got, unless we count this telephone number. He wrote: "We are working on the technical issue. Customers can call telephone banking at 800-935-9935 or stop by a branch to conduct their business. ATMs were not affected."