Angry Birds to add purchasable, level-skipping Mighty Eagle


Anyone who's played a social game will be familiar with the idea of paying real, honest-to-goodness money to purchase items or status that you're just not patient enough to amass on your own. Now that same concept seems to be seeping its way into popular, single-player casual game Angry Birds.

Rovio Mobile CEO Mikael Hed revealed Angry Bird's first purchasable character, the Mighty Eagle, at the Nokia World conference this week, CNet reports. The massive character allows players to bash through any pig-made structure, effectively skipping a troublesome level without any effort whatsoever. And don't worry if you feel like you'd still like to try the level out the traditional way later -- in fact, doing so will let you reuse your Eagle on a future level.

While it's still unclear how much this level skipping feature will cost, one thing is certain, according to Hed: "The key point from a business perspective is that the Mighty Eagle is declaring the end of games as a commodity and the beginning of games as a service." On other words, while Hed described the new feature as "truly a silver bullet to solve all your problems in one shot," we tend to doubt "an empty wallet" will be one of those solved problems.

Check out a cute video demonstrating the Mighty Eagle's power after the break.