YoVille wishes you would slip into something more comfortable with the Blue Velvet Robe

YoVille Blue Velvet Robe
YoVille Blue Velvet Robe

Soon enough every YoVille player will be looking a lot more suave with this Blue Velvet Robe. However, there is a catch: YoVille needs to reach 6 million fans before Zynga gives one of these bad boys away to the citizens of YoVille.

The fan counter, already past 5.9 million, doesn't have much longer to go. So, tell your friends, your family or even complete strangers if you want to see this item appear in your wardrobe.

Unfortunately, the robe doesn't include an enlongated chin nor an elaborate, somewhat creepy bachelor pad (complete with hideaway bed and bar). Expect to hear a lot of folks shouting "giggidty" nonetheless once the game reaches its goal of 6 million fans.