What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

Whether you live off-campus, or in the White House, RentedSpaces had a little something for everyone this week. Read on to see what else was hot this week.

Off-Campus Rentals: Staying Safe in a College Town
Don't let the excitement of being back at college this fall distract you from making safety a priority. See our tips on keeping your stuff -- and yourself -- safe this year. Read more.

Obama's Oval Office: Redecorating for World's Most Famous Tenant
With the high-stakes midterm elections looming, it's no wonder President Obama was ready for a little distraction in the form of an Oval Office makeover. See what's new when you read more.

How to Get Out of the Lease for a Flea-Bitten, Water-Damaged Apartment

Our own Apartment Guru advises a frustrated Queens resident who found on her move-in day that her new apartment was far from move-in condition. Does the Guru give her hope? Read more.

Brighten Your Dim Apartment With Translucent Concrete
See-through, light-up concrete: it's not only a funky design element popping up in modern homes, it's also a surprisingly simply DIY project. Impress your friends with the first fiber-optic-laced candle holder on the block. Read more.

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