Pirates Ahoy!: Create even more bubbles than normal with the Bubble Hull

Pirates Ahoy Bubble Hull
Pirates Ahoy Bubble Hull

In Pirates Ahoy, there is a lot to be said for its showboating factor (no pun intended, really) due to the game's pseudo 3D graphics and animation. This is exactly why you see a lot of "Special Effect" items in the game like the brand new Bubble Hull.

Attach this neon green hull to your ship for 15 Playfish Cash and your ship will leave massive bubbles in its wake. Wait, doesn't your ship already leave bubbles behind it by nature? Well, consider these extra bubbles.

Honestly, the Flaming Trail Hull that came before it was much cooler, but for a less cool 17 Playfish Cash. Bubbles are fun and all, but my ship already has those, thanks. Why not make a frosty trail hull or one that spouts rainbows or something? Now, that would be intense.

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