Marvel 'digital collectible game' coming to Facebook, iPhone

marvel is coming to facebook
marvel is coming to facebook

We've heard talk about a Facebook game set in the Marvel Universe*, and today Marvel spills more details on the unnamed game. It will be a 'digital collectible game" that features all of the Marvel characters (even Marrow?). And, it will be available on both Facebook and iPhone.

Marvel has partnered with Washington-based social games start up Smith and Tinker to create these two games. Smith and Tinker co-founder Jordan Weisman says the game will include Marvel characters for players to collect and battle on both their computers or mobile devices. With films based on both Thor and Captain America set to release next year, a Marvel Facebook game couldn't be more timely.

We find it odd, however, that Smith and Tinker was hired to make this game, considering Disney owns both Marvel and social game developer Playdom. In fact, last month, *Disney CEO Robert Iger said that Playdom was working a a game that will feature 'Marvel IP.' Are there two games? Or, was this too much for Playdom to take on?

[Via VentureBeat]