Mafia Wars Las Vegas Collections: A tip on grabbing rare items

Las Vegas in Mafia Wars
It turns out that the final items in each of the new Las Vegas Collections in Mafia Wars are much harder to find than we thought. It turns out that the only sure-fire way of acquiring them is through gifts from your friends. The more common items in the collections can still be found the old-fashioned way: doing jobs and grabbing loot.

Fortunately, there is a way to increase your chances at finally completing these illusive new collections. Continue reading for more information on how to finish them up and boost your stats at last.
Mafia Wars The Daily Take

While it's still possible to get the rarer Las Vegas Collection items through job loot drops, that could take days and energy that most of us just can't spare. Here's a list of the rarest Las Vegas Collection items:

  • Planet Bollywood (Matchbooks Collection)
  • Saguaro (Cactus Collection)
  • Mountain Lion (Mojave Animals Collection)
  • Four of a Kind (Poker Hands Collection)

You frequent players might have already caught onto this, but here's a tip for those who haven't been logging in daily. There's a feature in Mafia Wars called The Daily Take, which rewards players who log in daily for a week. The rewards increase in value for every consecutive day you play for up to seven days. After which, the counter resets, you'll be rewarded for the first day again and the cycle continues.

However, The Daily Take always rewards players something from the same category on each numbered day. For example, on every fifth consecutive log-in, The Daily Take always rewards players a random Collection Item. See where I'm getting at here?

After putting the correct Las Vegas Collection items on your wish list and playing for five days in a row, your chances of getting that item will greatly increase. Then, just rinse and repeat. After the fourth time you do this, you should have completed the Las Vegas Collections, but no guarantees!

So, while this method will take some time, at least it's a more sure-fire way to getting your Collections bonuses. Give it shot and let us know how it works for you in the comments.

[Via Mafia Wars Maniac]
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