Happy Pets: Mini Orange Cream and Giant Azure dinos are going extinct soon

Happy Pets Mini Orange Cream and Azure Dinos
Happy Pets players who have unlocked the Dino Den can now purchase four new colorful dino pets for 60 Facebook Credits each ($6 USD): Mini Orange Cream Triceratops, Mini Orange Cream T-Rex, Giant Azure Triceratops, and Giant Azure T-Rex.

But these dinos won't be staying around for long. Only 91 Mini Orange Cream Triceratops are left, and the game most likely started with more that seven hundred. And with most of the current dino offerings sporting a drab monochromatic blend, the sharp color contrasts of these new ones are a pretty sight. Two different sizes are also available -- Mini and Giant. Mini pets are 70% of the normal size for pets, while Giants are 180% the normal size.
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