Happy Aquarium is offering a limited number of Barreleye Fish starting today

Happy Aquarium Barreleye Fish
Happy Aquarium Barreleye Fish

Most social games are known for their limited time offers of items, but Happy Aquarium by Crowdstar does things a little differently. Instead, some fish in Happy Aquarium are limited by how many are put up for sale. If you wanted a truly rare fish, here's the way to go.

Right now, Happy Aquarium is offering the goofy Barreleye Fish for either 58 Pearls or 48 Facebook Credits (remember that exclusive deal) with just under 600 left as of this writing. This adorable, purple googly-eyed fish is joined by the new Magenta Deeps gravel (91 Pearls or 76 Facebook Credits) and the Bokeh Lights wallpaper, which goes for 36 Pearls or 30 Facebook Credits.

While some would consider 48 Facebook Credits a tough bargain for the Barreleye Fish, the limited Cuttlefish released last week goes for an even steeper 78 Pearls or 66 Facebook Credits. While putting a limited amount of downloads on digital collectibles could be seen as falsifying rarity, how else could Crowdstar create rarity in its pets or fish? Is it fair to only allow so many purchases? Let us know what you think in the comments.