Google invades, and organizes, your TV With Google TV this fall


We all know Google can find and organize our online experiences and now, with Google TV, the search giant is coming into our living rooms and helping us find the entertainment we want to watch.

The new Google TV experience is set to launch this fall, built in to some TVs and as a stand-alone box for older sets. While it shares some characteristics with the recently announced Apple TV, Google TV takes a different approach, including a web browser and the ability to organize shows on the web, on your cable channels and even your DVR.

Just as your online habits revolve around a search bar, Google TV hopes to pull together all of your TV viewing into a similar search bar experience. This Google TV search bar won't just search the Internet though; it will look through your local listings and DVR recordings to help you find exactly what movie, actor, sporting event or show you're looking for.