FrontierVille Horseshoe Pit: Everything you need to know

frontierville horseshoes pit

Update (10 p.m.): Message from Zynga: "Please note that you MUST enter the other games through the Horseshoe pit window in order to get credit for levelling up or planting/harvesting crops in those other games."

introduces a new game within the game -- Horseshoes. The new buildable Horseshoe pit, now available in the Market (in the *Special* section) costs 2,500 gold coins and 20 wood to get started.

Of course, that's just how you get this new project started -- then you have to build it (which requires 10 energy and 120 wood), and then put on the finishing touches by collecting a handful of materials from friends and other Zynga games.
frontierville horseshoe pit

After you place the Horseshoe pit on your property -- much like all FrontierVille buildables -- you will have to give this thing 10 Whacks, and each Whack costs 1 Energy and 10 Wood. After each Whack, you earn 1 XP and loot for the following collections: Shed, Foundry, Inn, School, General Store, Land Office and Sawmill. (When I built mine, I scored items for the Schoolhouse, General Store and Storage Shed Collections)

Once all of the whacking is complete, you'll have to start gathering materials required to finish the Horseshoe Pit.


Instead of begging friends for all of these materials, this construction project will send you into other Zynga games to get the items you need. The only items you'll get from friends is the Measuring Tape. Below is a list of items you need, and how to get them:

  • 10 Measuring Tape -- Request from friends via a Facebook Wall post
  • 1 Wooden board -- Play FarmVille, plant and harvest 200 crops
  • 1 Bag of Sand -- Play Treasure Isle, level up once (after level 5)
  • 1 Spike -- Play Mafia Wars, level up three times (after level 5)
  • 1 Bar Stool -- Play Cafe World, level up once (after level 5)
  • 1 Gold Horseshoe -- Play Zynga Poker, level up once (after level 5)

If you don't want to go to the trouble of playing all of those other games to finish your Horseshoe Pit, you can buy each item for 50 Horseshoes, for a total of 300 Horseshoes. That seems mighty pricey for a humble frontier person like myself, but to each their own.

Once your Horseshoe Pit is complete, you will be able to play the game once a day for free (if you want to play more, you'll have to pony up 1 Horseshoe per toss), and you'll be able to play on neighbors' pits as well. Each time you play, you will earn points, which can be redeemed for a handful of prizes by clicking the 'Cash Out' button (see image below).

horseshoe pit rewards

INITIAL PLAYER REACTIONS: There seem to be mixed feelings about having to play all of those other games to get materials for the Horseshoe Pit. But, according to FrontierVille player WAKEMEUP, it looks like you will have the chance to win some more valuable items if your horseshoe tossing skills are up to the task. Including a whopping 3,500 Horseshoes.

Every toss gives certain amount of points.

  • Miss - Game Over (You have to collect your reward, and you can´t continue.)
  • Near - +1 Point
  • Touch - +2 Points
  • ? - Need info
  • ? - Need info

Points can be redeemed for the following Horseshoe game prizes:

  • 0pts - 2 EXP
  • 1pts - 300 Gold
  • 2pts - Cherry tree
  • 3pts - 10 EXP
  • 4pts - 2 Energy
  • 5pts - 2 Pigs
  • 6pts - 5 Energy
  • 7pts - 2 Pears
  • 8pts - 2 Cows
  • 9pts - 2 Oxen
  • 10pts - 1 Mule
  • 11pts - 200 EXP
  • 12pts - 1 Horse
  • 13pts - 10 Horseshoes
  • 14pts - 30 Energy
  • 15pts - 1 Beef Jerky
  • 16pts - 1 Mystery Animal Crate
  • 17pts - 1 Mystery Crate
  • 18pts - 2 Beef Jerky
  • 19pts - 150 Energy
  • 20pts - 200,000 Gold
  • 21pts - 3,500 Horseshoes

FrontierVille Horseshoe Pit Item Hunt
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FrontierVille Horseshoe Pit: Everything you need to know

NOTE: You MUST enter the other games through the Horseshoe Pit window if you want it to count.

NOTE: #2: When you're trying for the boards in FarmVille, plant and harvest your 200 crops, then look for a wooden board icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Click that icon to claim your free boards and be directed back to FrontierVille (see pics below).

farmville boards icon front

frontierville farmville boards horseshoe pit

Below is the pop-up I saw after leveling up three times in Mafia Wars:

mafia wars frontierville railroad spike
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Are you annoyed that you have to play other games to get your materials? Do you plan on completing your Horseshoe Pit? Sound off in the comments below. Add comment.
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