FrontierVille: Complete the 'Hot Wheels!' Goal for a Deluxe Buggy!

FrontierVille Hot Wheels Mission RewardA new goal appeared in FrontierVille (as if building your own Horseshoe Pit wasn't enough) this weekend titled "Hot Wheels!" that asks players to complete three simple requirements to get the Deluxe Buggy. Honestly, the item is simply the original Black Buggy with a new name, but what's in a name anyway?

The original cost of 55 Horseshoes for the Black Buggy compared to zero for a Deluxe Buggy is a trade we would take any day. Join us behind the break for a short guide on how to accomplish this not-so-daunting task.
FrontierVille Hot Wheels Mission

This goal has three requirements, two of which aren't necessarily difficult, but will take a little while to complete:

  • Collect Ten Saddle Soap (Unlock for 20 Horseshoes)
  • Collect Ten Elbow Grease (Unlock for 20 Horseshoes)
  • Clear Five Grasses

While it appears last on this list, the simplest requirement here is clearly the grasses, so just get that out of the way first. The two other goals require you to ask your friends to gift the items to you. But don't worry about trying to sell them on the idea, a free lunch is in it for them if they decide to lend a hand. Also, remember to respond to your friends' requests for these gifts, because doing so will net you one of the items too.
FrontierVille Hot Wheels Mission Complete

After you've complete the three requirements, you'll find yourself with a new whip and 100 more experience points. Not too shabby for an item that used to cost quite a lot of Horseshoes. Don't pass up on this chance to have the ride of your dreams, at least until the Jalopy shows up. Hey, it's only a matter of time!
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